Pregnancy & Maternity Care

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. No more worries and tensions, get all your concerns and queries cleared by the expert. Pregnancy and Maternal Care Specialist of Q Medical Centre & Hospital offers a wide array of services and you can consult at Q Medical Centre & Hospital at Hanumanthappa Layout - Halasuru.

Pre-natal Care

Prenatal care is medical care you get during pregnancy. Addressing your special needs and care are indeed a vital part of your pregnancy period. Q Medical Centre & Hospital will monitor your health and your baby’s growth very closely, and any complications will be anticipated and prevented. Everything is taken care of with a sense of love.

To make your delivery as easy and comfortable, Q Medical Centre & Hospital has curated the best prenatal pregnancy care for you and your child.

There will be a series of tests, treatments, scans, check-ups, and discussions related to your health as well as your baby’s health. Generic check-up schedule could be as below.

  • Weeks 4 to 28 of pregnancy - one checkup every 4 weeks (once a month).

  • Weeks 28 to 36 of pregnancy - one checkup every 2 weeks (twice a month).

  • Weeks 36 to 41 of pregnancy - one checkup every week (once a week).

Normal Vaginal Delivery

There is nothing pure and healthy than a Normal Vaginal Delivery.

Q Medical Centre & Hospital believes that "All women deserve a comfortable and hassle-free delivery". Aiming and working towards a normal delivery experience for the mother and the child is the primary concern. The special care routines we follow foster the same through exercises, a healthy food table, and mental health practices.

The benefit of normal vaginal delivery include, fast recovery, low infection, healthy baby respiratory system, short hospital stay etc.

Cesarean Section

Cesarean often termed as c-section is the surgical method of delivering the baby through incisions made in the mother's abdomen.

This surgical method is adapted only in special circumstances where normal vaginal delivery seems impossible due to different reasons that might put the mother or baby at risk. Absolutely no pain is involved in this procedure apart from feeling the pressure of pulling out the baby. In this procedure, the mother and the child will be expected to stay at the hospital for two extra days for close monitoring purposes and check-ups to ensure absolute health. With Dr. Harsha V Reddy - You are in Safe Hands.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care

During the pregnancy period, when there is an increased risk for the mother and the child, it is called a high-risk pregnancy.

You should consult with pregnancy specialist at Q Medical Centre & Hospital if you are underweight or overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or any other health problem. Women above 35 years, and women who smoke and drink alcohol also could experience a high risk pregnancy. If you are pregnant with twins, it also requires experienced doctor to ensure safe delivery.

Special delicate care during a high-risk pregnancy period plays a cardinal role in the overall health of the mother and the child. Close monitoring with regular check-ups are much needed to reduce high complications during the delivery. In a situation like this, the patient is usually asked to get admitted in the hospital for delivery than the usual time frame.

Routine Ante-natal Care

Routine Antenatal care assures the health of the baby and the mother and keeps complications away.

Periodical routine tests and monitoring of food and medicine intake indeed help in drawing a graph on the overall health of the baby and the mother. This indeed also plays a major role in avoiding unforeseen discomforts and complications to a greater extent. Routine antenatal care also helps the mother to access micronutrient supplementation, treatment for hypertension to prevent eclampsia, as well as immunization against tetanus as per the requirement.

Tubectomy / Tubal Ligation

Tubectomy or Tubal Ligation is the surgical procedure carried out to stop pregnancy.

In this surgical procedure, fallopian tubes are cut and tied in order to block the passage of eggs from reaching the uterus. This in turn prevents the eggs from reaching the uterus and thereafter from getting fertilized. This procedure indeed helps in achieving effective family planning with sustainable and healthy medical procedures.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital counseling helps you and your partner prepare for married life together.

In today's world, pre-marital counseling session for couples helps from understanding your partner to getting clarity on one's own perception.

These counseling sessions indeed opens your eye to a new perspective, which in turn improves your relationship with the partner before marriage. Communication is the key for any happy marriage and pre-marital counseling guides you the right way to incorporate healthy communication within the partners.

Pre-Conception Counselling

Pre-conception counseling is a process that involves discussions and medical assessments for individuals or couples who are planning to become pregnant.
Pre-conception counseling sheds light on both the partners' physical and mental health before committing to pregnancy.

Pre-conception counseling further helps in making the parents to ready for motherhood. Pregnancy involves a lot of things from physical and mental fitness to financial stability, support system and more. Pre-conception counseling indeed helps to assess the couple's capability to enter parenthood and more.

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