Dr Sanjay is a highly experienced consultant Urologist and andrologist with over 13+ years of experience. He has made significant contributions as a Practioner and Faculty member. He has extensive experience in Laser surgeries( Stone), Prostate surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and various other Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Area of Expertise:
1. Urolithiasis ( stone disease): Kidney, Ureter , Bladder.

2. Prostate Problems: BPH. Prostatitis, Prostate cancer

3. Uro-oncology: Renal cancer, Bladder Cancer, Penile Cancer

4. Urethra: Stricture Urethra, Phimosis

5. Male Sexual Dysfunction, Male Infertility

6. Pediatric Urology: PUJ obstruction etc

7. Infections; UTI, Kidney infections, Prostatitis.

8. Female urology; Recurrent UTI, Incontinence, female sexual dysfunction.

9. Renal Transplants

Dr.Sanjay R P

Chief Consultant,
Dept of Urology and Andrology
MBBS, MS, MCh (Urology)
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