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Dr. Vishnu Kurpad

MBBS, Surgical Oncologist,
Robotic Surgeon
Dr. Vishnu Kurpad is an experienced Surgical Oncologist with 11 years of practice. He holds a strong educational background with an MBBS, M.S in General Surgery, and MCh. in Surgical Oncology. Dr. Kurpad received training at Kidwai Oncology Institute in Bangalore, one of Karnataka's largest government cancer hospitals, handling over 25,000 cases annually. This exposure has equipped him with extensive experience in managing a wide range of complex cancer cases.
Patients seeking specialized care and comprehensive expertise in the field of surgical oncology can benefit from Dr. Vishnu Kurpad's knowledge and skills. For personalized assistance in finding the most suitable oncologist for specific cases, DCode Care offers expert analysis and guidance.

Education and Fellowships

  • MBBS, M.S (General Surgery), MCh. (Surgical Oncology)


His expertise extends to all types of cancer surgeries, including minimally invasive procedures that facilitate faster patient recovery. Dr. Kurpad actively collaborates with medical and radiation oncologists, participating in tumor board reviews to determine the most effective treatment plans for patients. Additionally, he has a commendable research background, consistently publishing scientific papers in the field of cancer research from 2014 to 2020.

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